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Fecha de la noticia: Tuesday 27.11.18

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Answered by: Dave Davidson


1 - Greetings from Friedhof Magazine, Revocation. How is all by the moment at the band camp?

Everything is great! Just getting ready for our Euro tour.

2 - IMO "The Outer Ones", your new album doubled down on the Death Metal elements of your sound. How do you see by yourself?

Yeah I would definitely agree. From the music to the vocals and even the artwork if feels to me like our most death metal release to date. We’ve always had that element to our sound but we wanted to ramp up all those influences on the latest one. 

3 - Your tracks exhibit a great sense of structural freedom and exploration of audio space. Does this come naturally in the writing or is it worked out in the post production and mixing?

That all happens when we’re writing for the most part. There are certain effects that get added here and there to different elements of course like delays and reverbs on guitars or vocal tracks to add to ambiance but I have the majority of the songs completely planned out in demos or in my head before we go into the studio. 

4 - What in particular has influenced the writing, lyrics and concept of this record?

Musically it’s inspired by bands like Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Cannibal Corpse but there’s also some jazz influences that have crept in here and there. The opening chords to “Fathomless Catacombs” for example were inspired by a chord progression from a Wayne Shorter tune. Lyrically and visually the album takes inspiration mainly from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The title itself was taken from one of his short stories that references the entities of cosmic horror that oversee the universe that he created in his mythos.  

5 - "The Outer Ones" is a self produced album. Which is the idea behind working with a producer instead?

 Zeuss helps produce the album and adds his feedback here and there but since we have everything planned out ahead of time we don’t really need someone to produce the songs. Some bands go into the studio with very little written so a producer is probably essential in that setting but for us it was never really necessary. 

6 - Has the writing and recording process been different from your previous albums?

It was almost identical to the last album except that we did the drums at The Brick Hit House with Shane Frisby. It was cool recording the drums in a new environment, being in a different studio can inspire you in different ways and I think Ash and I welcomed a change of pace in that regard. Other than that it was business as usual, we’ve worked with Zeuss on several recordings at this point so we’re very familiar with each other and he knows how to to get the sound we’re looking for. 

7 - Looking back at your previous albums, were there things you wanted to avoid/repeat on this album?

I think we all were really embracing the darker path that we’ve been taking since “Deathless” so we wanted to continue along those lines. We enjoyed working with Zeuss on  the previous two records so that was the main decision that we wanted to keep the same from the last album. 

8 - How does time spent recording today compare to time spent in the studio recording your early works?

It’s very similar to how we usually work. We’ve always been a band that goes in prepared, we do leave a little room here and there for extra ideas but generally everything is pretty much planned out ahead of time. I think we’ve just gotten better as time goes on as musicians so it makes the recording process a bit smoother  but no matter how much you rehearse there will always be certain sections that might trip you up. Sometimes you need to know when to a break so you don’t burn yourself out on a particular section that might be tripping you up.  

9 - You are going to play in Spain in december. What do you expect from these dates?

The last time we played Spain it was a total blast so we’re expecting some really rowdy shows. There was a ton of energy from the crowd so I’m looking forward to a lot of headlining and circle pits. Plus I had a great time just walking around and eating tapas so I’m hoping to do a little more sight seeing/snacking while I’m in town.  

10 - Thanks a lot for your time! Last lines for you spanish fans!


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