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What is Friedhof Magazine?
Friedhof Magazine is an independent, extreme music magazine. At first it was a print magazine but since has converted into a fully digital model circa 2002.
How can I become a writer for Friedhof Magazine?
Friedhof Magazine is always ready to provide opportunities to new, enthusiastic and committed writers.
Once you get my writing, how long will I have to wait before I can see my piece published?
It takes around a month to a month and a half for the piece to be available online. This is due to the massive amount of CDs we receive on a weekly basis.
And what if I don’t want to wait that long?
Simple: Don’t send us your stuff.

I have sent a press release and they still haven’t been published, why is that?
Friedhof Magazine is a independent Extreme Music Magazine and therefore has its own editorial policy. Not all press releases / news are published and we do not give any kind of explanation about what we publish or not.
I’ve seen CDs with a very low ratings in Friedhof Magazine. Aren't you afraid they (labels, bands, etc.) might not send any more of their material?
No, the management at Friedhof Magazine gives complete freedom to its writers when it comes to CD reviews. We don't need to please any label or band. The record companies we work with are aware of this. Those who wantto give higher ratings in order to get more CDs may do so. We don’t.
Why review music albums anyway?
Because we think it's a good way for readers to get an accurate idea of what they can expect from the album. We see this as an additional source of information, other than the text.
Sometimes I disagree with your ratings or reviews of the CDs… 
Well, that’s normal and we accept it. Our reviews are just personal opinions given by our writers, and the management of Friedhof Online Magazine does not necessarily share them. (And fucking kill yourself you twat).

Who is responsible for the management of Friedhof Online Magazine?
Néstor T. (info@friedhof-magazine.com), Luis T. (kramthal@friedhof-magazine.com), and Manu M. (manu.editor@friedhof-magazine.com).
Is there any genre you don’t review?
Yes, we don’t review Punk, Classic Heavy Metal, Happy Metal, Power Metal or anything related to that genre. We review Extreme Metal, in its whole range.
How often do you update the site?
Our commitment is to give the readers something different to read every day. Currently news are updated every few hours so there is always something new to read. Moreover, there are reviews, interviews, songs, videos and a complete agenda among other things.
About the “media” section on Friedhof Magazine…
Yes, all links, videos and audios published on Friedhof Magazine are legal, which means that bands or labels openly offer the material for free listening.
We’re here to support the scene, not to destroy it! (except for Baby Metal) 
What can I do to have my demo/CD reviewed on Friedhof Magazine?
We have a contact Post Office Box, as follows:
Friedhof Magazine
P.O.Box 420
20080 San Sebastián
Guipúzcoa – Spain
Due the amount of physical promos we have to review, we don´t currently accept digital ones.

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