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What is Friedhof Magazine?
Friedhof Magazine is an independent Extreme Music portal. Initially starting off as a fanzine, Friedhof Magazine began it’s activities in 2002.

How can I become a part of the Friedhof Magazine team/staff?
In Friedhof Magazine we never recruit people to our staff to appear more numerous and we do not openly advertise the hiring of new writers on social media. We only open our door to people who are of certain specific parameters which we are looking for. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our little family, contact us via the email supplied below.

How long (approximately) is the wait to see my review published on Friedhof Magazine once you have recieved the material?
Approximately a month to a month and a half. The wait is rather large in part due to the large amount of CDs and content we’re asked to process.

I saw a review where a CD received a very low score, aren’t you afraid the labels will sever their promotional ties with you?
No. The administration of Friedhof Magazine gives complete freedom to our writers when it comes to reviewing and writing about music. We don’t have anything to sell and we don’t scratch anybody’s back so they’ll scratch ours.

Who are the main administrators at Friedhof Magazine?
Néstor T. (info@friedhof-magazine.com), Luis T. (kramthal@friedhof-magazine.com) and Manu M. (manu.editor@friedhof-magazine.com).

Are there certain genres which you won’t review?
The rule of thumb is that we review Extreme Music. Anything which would fit into that title will usually do. To give an example of what doesn’t- classic Heavy Metal, Metalcore, Punk Rock,Rock,Gothic and other genres under our discretion.

How often do you update your website and social media accounts?
Everyday potential readers can read something new on our mediums. As of now, every few hours we update our news section so that there will always be something new to read. There are also reviews, videos, songs, interviews and a complete agenda, amongst other types of articles.

About the music and video appearing on Friedhof Magazine…
All the links provided, whether video or audio, are legal. This in turn means that the materials we purvey are offered by their respective owners and/or labels for free listening and/or download.

I have issued a press release regarding one of the bands on my label/my band/etc and it wasn’t published, why?
Friedhof Magazine is an independent Extreme Music portal and so, it has it’s very own editorial section. Not all press releases or pieces of news are published and Friedhof Magazine reserves the right to publish, not publish or remove a published piece at its own discretion.

About links presented on Friedhof Magazine
In Friedhof Magazine we only share bands and labels with which we collaborate. If you would like to collaborate with us, send us an email at the aforementioned email address.

How can I make sure that the bill of the show i’m organising will be promoted on Friedhof Magazine’s website and social media?
Friedhof Magazine only promotes bills of shows and events with which we collaborate or are otherwise interested in. We pick and promote events our staff is interested in at its own discretion and under our editorial guidelines.

Can I send my LP/EP/Demo in a digital format of some sort so that it’ll be reviewed?
Because of the large volume of physical promos we receive, we tend to only review digital material of labels which have previously collaborated with us or are in contact with us.

What can I do to see my LP/EP/Demo reviewed by Friedhof Magazine?
We have a P.O box available to all at:

Friedhof Magazine
P.O.Box 420
20080 San Sebastian
Guipuzcoa - Spain

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